Welcome to the Metaphysical Church of Science!

We host weekly in-person services at: 3717 Murphy School Rd, Durham, NC 27705. It is a beautiful setting surrounded by trees, in a renovated schoolhouse. Come join us!

Our weekly Sunday morning schedule is:

9:30. Coffee and cookies
9:45. Meditation & Healing Service
10:15. Free time, coffee.
10:30.  Discussion
11:15-12. Worship

Our Discussion and Worship are also livestreamed via Zoom. Join us online: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/v5IucOGuqjoiKEliFbj5HAXMjTJQIYedfQ


We envision a society of Spiritually Awake beings, with all people receiving spiritual education that reconciles science and religion: “Everyone a mystic and a scientist.”

The Sunday Experience:

We seek to provide a welcoming community space each week. Our Sunday morning program includes three parts:
1) Healing & Meditation Service: Come meditate quietly to soothing music, while trained energy healers offer free 5-minute energy healing sessions to anyone who would like one.

2) Large-Group Discussion: The Metaphysical Church of Science is a spiritual support community. In our weekly discussion, you will find yourself surrounded by people describing personal spiritual experiences; scientists sharing thoughts on the interface of science and religion; and conversation around weekly metaphysical topics. How do we help support each other to live meaningful, spiritually infused lives?

3) Worship: We seek to provide a modern service with a traditional feel. Traditional in the sense of carrying forward meaningful traditions such as singing hymns together, listening to a 20 minute sermon, and studying a Bible verse each week. And modern in the sense of inspiring joyful action and free thinking in our membership. We choose hymns with non-dogmatic, uplifting lyrics; we discuss the hidden mystical underpinnings of the Bible verses; and the sermons seek to open the mind to new possibilities.

For those with a more technical background, the Metaphysical Church of Science is a member of the United Metaphysical Churches, a Spiritualist denomination. Our approach to spirituality incorporates Process-Relational Theology, Parapsychology, Spiritualism, Integral, and other schools of thought seeking to bridge science and spirituality.

4) Special Classes: We also offer special classes including book study groups, energy healing training, and mediumship development. Join our Meetup here to see our current schedule!